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Playwell Storage Boxes


Build your own Playwell.
Select how many boxes you need (we will send you enough connectors to join them).
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Dimensions H28.5cm x W47cm x L47cm per box

UK delivery time — All orders will be dispatched in March 2017
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The range has been designed for young families with changing needs. As we get older, we acquire more and more ‘stuff’.

“I became a father in 2015 and realised we have a serious storage issue in our flat. I accepted there would be plastic toys and baby kit coming into our 1920s flat but didn’t want it kept in cheap plastic storage units. I searched for storage that looked permanent, a lovely addition to our interiors rather than a compromise. It builds on my love of plywood and sustainable materials” says Alex Swain, designer of ByALEX.

The Playwell range has a bold Ash frame on the front and rear side, that the drawer slides between. It cuts down material and makes the product lighter, which allows you to move the units around the house as your needs change: a bedside table, a toy box or a table by the sofa for a lamp. 

The light Ash frame is made of four chamfered staves of wood, but jointed together. This contrasts with the deeper and warmer Oak drawer which is continuous and flat.

“The idea to emphasise the staves came from a friend giving me sections of beech he’d used on an exhibition stand. I loved them as individual objects and thought it would be nice to celebrate them as blocks rather than joining them without a seam” explains Alex.

This range was prototyped using LEGO®. The name ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”, hence the name Playwell Storage Boxes.

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Discounts for Multiple Boxes

Quantity Price Discount
1 x Box with drawer £175
2 x Box with drawers £350 £325 £25 discount
3 x Box with drawers £525 £500 £25 discount
4 x Box with drawers £700 £650 £50 discount
5 x Box with drawers £875 £825 £50 discount
6 x Box with drawers £1,050 £975 £75 discount
7 x Box with drawers £1,225 £1,150 £75 discount
8 x Box with drawers £1,400 £1,300 £100 discount
9 x Box with drawers £1,575 £1,475 £100 discount
10 x Box with drawers £1,750 £1,625 £125 discount

Designed by Alex Swain

British designer Alex Swain is based in London and creates pure and minimal products for the home and beyond. Alex combines form and function with clean aesthetics, to create designs made to last and that are available at affordable prices.

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