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ByALEX Revive™


ByALEX designs products built to last by using quality, honest materials. This is the reason we have a revive service: simple guidance to help you bring new life to your furniture.


Considered Design.
Circular Economy.

Introducing the ByALEX Revive™ Service

Alex Swain, designer and founder of ByALEX, has always been concerned with reducing waste when producing furniture and ensuring that all designs are built to last.

Alex designs products for the circular economy: an alternative to a traditional linear economy of make, use, dispose – landfill isn’t a sustainable model. Instead, Alex designs for a circular economy model of make (from sustainable materials), use, repair, re use and recycle.

This is the reason that ByALEX has created a Revive Service: a way to bring new life to your furniture so that it can live on for years to come.

What do you get?

The Revive™ service includes:

Revive at Home

  • Kit sent by post – includes Danish oil, sandpaper, lint free cloth
  • Online care & repair support via video call
  • Video tutorials to revive your own furniture at home
  • Telephone consultation with Alex Swain to advise you


Return & Revive

  • A selection of products are available to return to ByALEX for a revive service in our workshop (A Stool, A Table, A Coat, GEO Coat Rack).
  • Transit packaging will be sent to you, then we will collect the furniture and return it back to you refreshed and renewed.

Alex Swain

“We all love buying new things, but as we prepared for Black Friday this year, I started thinking about what ‘new’ really means. Does refreshing a product to it’s original status bring me the same emotional bond as something new? I realised it would. Restoring designs to look ‘new’ means taking care of the product and giving a little TLC at times.
Alex Swain

What is the Circular Economy?

Circular economy isn’t just recycling products; repair and reuse are also vital

For the last 200 years we’ve been extracting materials from the Earth and using them to make non-biodegradable products that we’ve used and then thrown into landfill.  This ‘linear economy’ depletes finite natural resources, causes pollution and creates waste – it’s unsustainable.

At ByALEX we’re supporting the shift to a ‘Circular Economy’ by making durable products made from sustainable materials that can be recycled into new products at the end of a long and happy life.

We’ve introduced Revive to keep your ByALEX furniture working well and looking great through all life throws at it.

For more information about the Circular Economy head to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


Dwiss Recycling Bin, Playwell Storage Boxes, K–S Dining Table, Neighbourhood Chair, K–S Dining Table, K–S Bench, Goldfinger Pencil Case, GEO Coat Rack, A Table, A Stool, A Coat, A Desk

Revive Service

Revive at Home, Return & Revive

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